• Embedded and whitelabeled
  • End-to-end digital
  • Increased net contribution margin

Fast and zero-effort embedded insurance

Are you looking for a quick way to increase your net contribution margin and value proposition for your customers? Our team takes care of everything - from engineering to taxes and legal stuff - pan-european. In no-time you can offer a safety net to your customers and start benefiting from it.  For (neo)banks, freelance, eCommerce, pension platforms and more Keep your customers financially healthy ✓ End-to-end digital whitelabeled insurance

IFY NL Specific EmbeddedInsurance Hero

For platforms that support freelancers and SMEs

Like you, Insify is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs. That’s why we re-invented insurance. Support your customers with insurance that is finally simple, fast, and fair. Coverages that have been redesigned from the ground up, to ensure they truly support today’s entrepreneurs, whatever their businesses.

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Grow your value proposition

  • Add value for your customers. Reduce time spent on insurance, save money, and have their back when it matters most.

  • Deepen your customer relationships by supporting them where it matters. Increase customer lock-in, reduce churn, grow engagement. Be more relevant.

  • Increase your revenues. Benefit from revenue sharing, increasing ARPU to grow your top ánd your bottom line.

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Designed for scalability: 1 integration, pan-European coverage

  • Insify is fully licensed to operate across the EU

  • Cover all your customers with 1 integration

  • Focus on the bigger picture.

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Up and running in less than a day. Three ways to collaborate

  • Embedded. Seamless insurance integration into your user journey. Using our hosted drop-in solution.

  • Lead/Affiliate. Offer your users easy access to the right insurance product - via dedicated landing pages, lead or affiliate links.

  • Content. Position yourself as expert advisor with your customers through webinars, blog posts and other content - leveraging our insurance expertise.

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The first end-to-end automated business insurance solution.

100% digital. 100% instant. Just like you.

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